Destiny 2 Flashpoints Explanation Guide

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Destiny 2 is coming soon this October 2017 for PC. The PS4 and Xbox One version is already. Here we will check out Destiny 2 Flashpoints explanation guide. No, we are not talking about Barry Allen’s poor life choices. Destiny 2 Flashpoints have nothing to do with The Flash but they are a good way to earn weekly rewards. You can get high power loot after finishing certain objectives in Flashpoints. These aren’t unlocked until much later in the main story though. This guide will serve as an explanation of Flashpoints in the game.

Destiny 2 Flashpoints Explanation Guide

Given by Cayde-6, Flashpoints are basically weekly milestones. You need to complete public events on designated planet locations with a new destination being given each week. Completing these public events will fill up the progress bar. You can trigger heroic public events to fill the bar even quicker. After completion, return to Cayde-6 to collect your reward. So, these Flashpoints are certainly quick ways to get past the 265 Power Level cap.

To unlock Flashpoints, you need to reach level 15 and complete the Fury quest of the main story. Cayde will now have a quest available called Patrol. Talk to him and finish that quest. You will get another quest from him to complete three Patrols. Do that and talk to Cayde again. Now, you have unlocked Flashpoints.

Note that Flashpoints reset each week at 9 AM GST. Check out Destiny 2 Lost Sector Locations and Loot Rewards.