Destiny 2 Glimmer Guide, How to Earn Glimmer

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Destiny 2 is the sequel to 2014 Destiny game. It is releasing for PC in October 2017. Here we will explain about Destiny 2 Glimmer guide and how to earn Glimmer. This online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game released on 6 Sep 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One.

You can see Glimmer fill up quite quickly but its equivocal on where to use it. However, once you figure that out, acquiring Glimmer becomes difficult. This guide will explain Glimmer, how to earn and spend it.

Destiny 2 Glimmer Guide, How to Earn Glimmer

It’s the most generally accepted currency in the game but not all uses of this are very effective so it’s important to know where to spend this currency. Now, there are two ways you can spend this currency.

  1. Before 200 Power and level 20 – Get items from vendors. Each vendor sells gear up to a cap of 200 Power. Most of the gear will be above your level but since you have so much Glimmer, get the best stuff from each vendor.
  2. After 200 Power and level 20 – Get random weapon mods from the gunsmith. After this Power level, you can no longer buy higher level gears from vendors but Glimmer can help you raise your Power Level. Hit 280 Power and you will be able to turn blue weapon mods into the Legendary purple ones and these add +5 power to the weapons or armour you add them on.

It costs 5,000 Glimmer to install one Legendary mod but since Glimmer is so abundant, you might as well should spend it. Don’t ever let the Glimmer cap reach full. Keep spending them as they come.

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You can also purchase Treasure Maps and Scout Reports from Cayde-6, which leads to a variety of other rewards.

Now, how to earn Glimmer?

The best method is to grind out on Public Events on a planet of your choice. You earn around 10 Glimmer for each enemy defeated and around 120 Glimmer per mini-boss. The direct reward for Public Events is a whopping 700 Glimmer with a potential of more if they are heroic. You also get a few Engrams here and at least one blue piece of equipment per event. Dismantle these blue items to earn 100 Glimmer.

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