Destiny 2 Guide: Hunter Guide – Subclass Arcstrider

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Destiny 2 is coming for PS4 and Xbox One in Sep 2017. It is an online-only game. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. The developer behind it is Bungle and in assistance, Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios. The game will be published by Activision. Destiny 2 will release for PC in October this year. You can right now grab the Destiny 2 console beta version. This guide is about Destiny 2 Hunter Guide – Subclass Arcstrider.

The game’s Hunter class specialises in dealing elemental damage with a variety of weapons and abilities. This guide will take a look at the Arcstrider subclass with its various abilities and super abilities.

Destiny 2 Guide: Hunter Guide – Subclass Arcstrider

Hunter Classed Basic Skills

A unidirectional dodge used to quickly traverse across the battlefield or dodge an attack.

Jump 2nd or 3rd time while airborne.

Same as above but with directional control.

Same as above but generates significant melee energy when near enemies.

2nd time jump while airborne.

Now, onto the Arcstrider subclass.

You get control of a large Arc Staff while having the ability of quick traversing to evade enemy fire.

Here are the Arc Staff controls.

  • L1+R1/LB+RB
    • Now this control will serve the hunter by forming a staff of pure Arc energy for the player.
  • R1/RB
    • This will help the hunter to dodge around the battlefield. You will be able to strike the close enemies with the Arc Staff.

Here are the grenade abilities.

  • Arcbolt
    • Chains bolts of lightning to enemies located in close vicinity.
  • Flux
    • An explosion which causes more damage when attached to enemies.
  • Skip
    • Can attack multiple enemies. It splits upon impact, and create multiple projectiles that get to the enemies.

Here are the ways of the warrior perks.

  • Deadly Reach
    • When you dodge, the Melee range increases, which let you strike enemies further away.
  • Combat Flow
    • Your Dodge ability recharges with Melee kills. 
  • Combination Blow
    • Use this Melee ability to kill an enemy. This will regenerate your health.
  • Lethal Current
    • Each Arc Staff hit creates aftershock lightning damage, after each dodge.

And finally, here are the ways of the wind perks.

  • Disorienting Blow
    • Use this Melee ability to strike an enemy  in order to disorient the target and enemies in close proximity.
  • Focused Breathing
    • Your dodge ability can be recharged by sprinting.
  • Combat Meditation
    • In the situation where you get critically wounded, Melee and Grenades recharge faster.
  • Lightning Reflexes
    • Dodging makes it very difficult to kill you.

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