Destiny 2 News – PC Version Won’t Require Activision Client

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Destiny 2 had recently been announced officially by the developers for both the consoles as well as the PC. There were rumors floating about that Activision -like Ubisoft- were planning to launch their own client for the game, but as it so turns that’s not the case.

Reported by Gadgets 360, the game will not require any additional third party client and will be fully supported via steam. Though, we still haven’t heard whether or not the Windows Store will support the game, and we may see it being a Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning one copy for both the console and PC.

While the release date for Destiny 2 is still quite far away, which is on September 8th for the console and PC; we’re seeing hype build-up. Especially with the Xbox Scorpio release -possibly- in between.

We’re also hearing rumors that Destiny 2 may appear on the PlayStation experience. For more updates, stay tuned.