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Destroy All Humans! or DAH is releasing July 28. It is the remake of the cult-classic and the developer behind this Black Forest Games. The game is about 1950s Earth and people being terrorized by an evil alien. This guides, lists out the complete Destroy All Humans Trophies list. It is a fun game.

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Destroy All Humans Trophies List

A Conspiracy of Probes – Get all the Probes in Area-42.
A Much Less Perfect Union – All side missions in Union Town should be complete.
Alien Conqueror vs. Robot Soldier! – Destruction of 50 robots leads to this trophy.
Alien Overlord – When you achieve 100% completion.
Area 86ed – All side missions in Area 42 side missions successful completion.
Danger: Death Ray – Saucer’s Death Ray should be fully upgraded.
Down-Home Country Probing – Get all Probes in Turnipseed Farm.
Dust in the Wind – Disintegrator Ray full upgrade.
Earth-Shattering Kaboom – Ion Detonator full upgrade.

Food for Thought – You need to get 250 brains from living humans.
Gray Matters – Get a total of 50,000 DNA and that too without using the Mmm… Brains! Cheat.
Identity Thief – You get to at least assume 40 identities.
Kicking Government In the Seat – Capitol City side missions completion.
Mind Over Antimatter – Saucer’s Sonic Boom full upgrade.
Mind Over Matter – Psychokinesis full upgrade.
Modestly Successful – Achieved on completing all Santa Modesta side missions.
Now You Learn to Love the Bomb – Saucer’s Quantum Deconstructor full upgrade.
Probe Town, USA – Acquire all Probes in Union Town.
Probe-ation Officer – Get all Probes.
Probes With a Capitol P – Get all Probes in Capitol City.

Ride the Lightning – Zap-O-Matic full upgrade.
Rocked Well – Achieved on completion of all side missions in Rockwell.
Ruler of Earth – This trophy you achieve ultimately when you unlock all the rest of the trophies.
Saturday Evening Probe – Acquire all Probes in Rockwell.
Sun, Surf & Probes – Acquire all Probes in Santa Modesta.
Term Limited – 50 politicians assassinations leads to this trophy.
Terror From Beyond the Stars! – Kill 1,000 humans.
The Tyrant of Turnipseed – Complete all Turnipseed Farm side-missions.
There’s the Beef – Tip 100 cows.
Trail of Wreckage – Destruction of 500 vehicles is the way to Trail of Wreckage trophy.