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This new game, Deus EX Mankind Divided, features four different kinds of collectibles. The ebook, as an the name implies, is used to record and display text. The ebook will automatically add its content to the media log tab once the player has read it.

This guide will show the location of the ebooks in the game which are imperative to gather information about people, places or firms in the game.

Deus EX Mankind Divided Guide: Ebooks Location

Once the player sees an ebook in front, the player needs to just pick it up and read to get the ‘Scholar’ xp bonus.

Ebook Location in Prague

Adam’s Apartment: It has 3 Ebooks.
1. In a secret floorboard by Jensen’s Bed.
2. Behind the Couch check on the Dining Table.
3. Next to the Laptop in the Kitchen is the third one

The Time Machine: There are 4 ebooks inside the Bookstore.
1. On the Second Floor on the Desk.
2. Door near the actual Bookstore.
3. Inside Dungeon the foldout bed and the Secret Room. Here you have to move the painting.

Capek Fountain District
In an abandoned apartment, look for the police checkpoint.
You need to climb the archway and you will find the ebook in the room.

Toy Shop
The place where Milena is working.
Go to the top floor.
Then check the side table by the window.

Vincent Van Aug Gallery
There are 2 ebooks in the basement of this Gallery:
1. Check on the Chair in front of the Stage
2. At the front stage where Irenka is standing, there’s another one

Edward’s Market
Behind the Fountain Station in Market Store near Vending Machines.

Richard’s Cult
Go inside the sewers below Zelen’s apartment. Check Richard’s private quarters on the second floor.

Palisade Station
Check the chair near the Aug portion of the Terminal

Palisade Bank
From the entrance, on the player’s left, check the stairs for the first ebook. Continue on to the other side. Climb the stairs and the ebook is on the chairs behind the lobby. The last ebook here is located inside the CEO’s secret office on the top floor where the player can also find other Breach Software and Praxis Kits.

Palisade District

Find the Otar’s Gambling Den in the sewers below the Palisade Station. Go into his office through the vent. Scan the office for the ebook.

TF29 Office
We came across 5 Ebooks thus far in TF29’s office:

Miller’s Office Desk
1. Behind some Books in Dr. Fletcher’s Office
2. Behind the Firing Line on the Table of Shooting Range
3. On the Chair outside the holding cells area
4. On the Main Desk of Counterterrorism Office

L.I.M.B Clinic
In The same basement area where you meet Alex, check the Desk.

Libuse Apartment
Inside Nomad Stanek’s apartment, head on to the second floor and get inside the Main Room.

Ebook Location in Dubai

Tales from the Arabian Front

This is the mission with TF29. Before you enter the atrium, look behind the Signal Booster in the room. There’s a long crate there containing this ebook.

Ebook Location in Golem City

Get inside the Home next to the Sokol residence to find this Ebook

Check the Room just next to the police living quarters (near to the Market Side)

Market Area
There are 5 different places in the Market where you will find the Ebooks

Inside Utulek Nursery Building
1. Near the Food Stalls
2. Food Receiving Area
3. Above the Entity’s Shop, check the locked apartment
4. Similarly, check the small room above market area (level 5)

ARC Headquarter
On the second floor get past the camera and then check the laptop on the far end.

Rucker’s Office

After finishing the conversation with Talos Rucker, go inside Rucker’s room to hack the safe and grab the ebook and Breach Software.

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