Dishonored 2 Needs to Embrace the Supernatural

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Dishonored 2 releases in two weeks to the anticipation of many gamers who believe the first Dishonored offered a breath of fresh air for the stealth genre. To take these mechanics to the next level, Dishonored 2 should employ as many superpowers as possible.

We already know Corvo and new protagonist Emily Kaldwin have some special abilities, but our hope is the game features as many of them as possible. Not only because it’s always cool to play superhero in video games, but because we believe they hold the key to expanding the stealth genre.

Game design has gotten so complex that simply hiding from enemies isn’t rewarding anymore. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain circumvented this by implementing an open-world design that allowed for creativity in the approach to missions, and Dishonored 2 could excel in a similar way if it treats superpowers like MGSV treated open-world gameplay.