Divinity Original Sin 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Divinity Original Sin 2 is Larian Studio’s role-playing game. The game has been received well. It released on Sep 14, 2017. Here we will point out some Divinity Original Sin 2 tips and tricks. The game’s timeline is set many centuries after the first Divinity: Original Sin. At this point of time there are wars and religious persecution. There is fight between the Bishop Alexandar and the Sourcerers.

There are lot of things that you can do in Divinity Original Sin 2. You can select the race, stats and origin story of the your character at the beginning of the game. For multiplayer modes, you can also recruit up to three companions and these can become playable characters. In multiplayer modes, there can be up to 3 other players who can assist or compete each other. Depending on what backstory you select at the beginning of the game, the environment can also be altered. You can do many more in the game.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are few Divinity Original Sin 2 tips that can help you play and win early..

Take the Bedroll

You will find a lot of Bedroll items on the boat that you start with. You should pick them. Bedroll can help in healing your party when not in combat. And this healing will be at no cost. A single Bedroll can heal an entire party. It’s pretty faster that you casting Regeneration on everyone.

Summoning Magic

Like every skill in the game, Summoning Magic can be very helpful. Incarnates can create distractions and they are powerful. For instance, depending on the surface, Incarnate skill summons an ally for you. More than the power, the incarnates prove beneficial. More allies with make your winning easier. You can give ability to incarnate to someone with only level 1 of Summoning.

Try to Get Teleportation Gloves

The gloves are very useful. The earlier you get, the better. You get complete access to full version of the Teleportation spell with teleportation gloves. You can use it to move enemies around the battlefield, drop these enemies into fire. It can also help you bring mages near to your fighters. It can help you go through gaps which are not possible to walk across. There is even more use of teleportation gloves. With it, objects can be moved back and forth and teleport traps can be fully removed from your way.

So how to get Teleportation Gloves? When you get to to Fort Joy, there will be a man named Gawin. You will find him wandering around a large fire on the West side of the town. He will talk about Teleportation Gloves. These  gloves will be found along a beach to the West of the town. You got to kill 3 Crocodiles present there. There will be many items nearby. Loot these items and in those you will get Teleportation Gloves.

Crime can be beneficial in Divinity Original Sin 2

Doing crimes like stealing, killing the rich or pick-pocketing can be useful in Divinity Original Sin 2. These actions will get you lot of things which you can then sell to a merchant and earn. This sounds good, isn’t it? But there is a catch. Doing too much of these activities can land you in trouble. You may get noticed and called by NPCs and Guards. If you kill NPCs, it may alert other NPCs when they find the body and you may get caught. So be careful.

Crafting System Can be Very Useful

Crafting system can have several benefits. For instance, cooking food. Food will heal your health percentage which is good for you all the while you play the game There are other uses like stats or resistances. Food will help in combat and as it is in abundance, you can stock up a lot and make use of them while in a combat. It can even help you play through tough boss fight.

The Black Cat

You will find that a little black cat is following you. It’s fine and you can let it follow it. But when you are in front of the gate of Fort Joy Prison to the east of the camp and you walk past the guards, the black cat will be killed by one of the archers. You have to make sure the cat is not killed. While escaping the camp, it will join you as a pet. Now since it can not be killed in a combat, you can use it to switch places in battle, though it will also become a target in combats.

Switch Characters

Upon meeting an unreliable or vague NPC, try to switch character. Once you change character, the conversation starts all over again. Since each character has a different interaction. So if sometimes a conversation gets over abruptly, you can change the character and start the conversation all over again. This can be useful as your character’s race can prove important depending on which character you are having conversation with. If the player in wrong race, then the complete quests will halt and even not start.

Gifts to Merchant

That may sound weird at the moment. But here is what happens. When you find a merchant that you like and would like to do a lot of business in the future, giving gifts to him can be profitable in the long run. As you gift the mechart something valuable, without balancing out the gold, you create an option to earn more later. When later you come and sell items, you get a higher value for the items. You can even buy the items at very less value when  the merchants’ stock refills.

Take the Pet Pal Talent

It will simply being very good experience as you can, at certain points in the game, talk to animals for quests and even for other things. It will make the adventure worth more enjoyable.

Skills and Abilities

In Divinity: Original Sin 2 you can do things differently than other RPG games. You can level up two or three combat abilities. So mix and match different abilities and skills to make yourself very strong.


Hydrosophist ability is awesome but so is Regeneration. It will serve as your survivor in the big part of the game and is your basic healing spell. As there is lot of damage in the game, it is important to heal quickly to get to back into the game and move ahead. Regeneration can help you in removing flames. It has long cooldown in combat. So if there are two characters with access to it, things will get easier.


Divinity: Original Sin 2’s autosave won’t be very useful as the game is not very easy to play even in the Classic Mode. So initially when you start, it is better to generously use quicksave button. It can be useful for you and your party.

Those are some of the Divinity Original Sin 2 tips and tricks. Read more about how to fix Divinity Original Sin 2 errors like crash, black screen issue, performance issue and more.