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Tom Clancy’s The Division features a lot of interesting Easter Eggs hidden across the map. The Division’s version of the NYC is compact and very true to the original with heavy detail. Your inner nerd is sure to wake up when you see these amazing Easter Eggs lying across the map.

Whether we are a fan of popular drama Breaking Bad or The Caped Crusader’s most iconic villain, The Walking Dead or the old Cartoon Networks hit TV animated series Adventure Time, Ubisoft Massive has something for all of us.

So without any further delay, let’s check out all those cheeky little nods and references found in The Division.

This list will be updated as we come across new Easter Eggs. If you have found one share it with us in the comments. We’ll be happy to add it to the list with your name tagged with it.

Breaking Bad

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

The Breaking Bad might have been concluded but all that’s trending these days is its spinoff series Better Call Saul. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you just can’t afford to miss this great reference found in the game. You’ll require to collect the Echo found on a rooftop near the Wolves’ Den safe house in Clinton to see this.

This screenshot was posted by Redditor synchromatik.

Shaun of the Dead

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

This Easter Egg is another one of the Echo Intel collectibles you can find in Chelsea between 22nd and 23rd Streets. This was discovered during the times of closed alpha.

The screenshot above was supplied by Redditor Lakupip.


The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

Don’t expect The Dark Knight himself to fly into the Dark Zone. But a very smart reference points to the multiple incarnations of the Batman’s infamous villain, The Joker. This Easter Egg is basically found wherever you find the missing person fliers. One of such places is right outside the Base of Operations.

This picture comes from Redditor Lehnsherr.

Matt Foley

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

This one is a tribute to the late great Chris Farley’s Saturday Night Live character, who used to live in a van down by the river and lived on a diet of government cheese. This one is in the form of an Echo as well. Just visit Turtle Bay and search near the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 47th Street to get it.

It was originally shared by Redditor Gabe-20.

Mr Bean

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

I mean who doesn’t like Mr Bean fooling around in the city. The above one is truly a piece from famous comedy show, Mr Bean. You can find it by visiting Stuyvesant – The Ward safe house and searching to the south.

It was first spotted by Redditor VikingWarriorSkjald.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

The love for mutant superheroes never ends. Ubisoft also has a couple of TMNT Easter Eggs one of which could be found in Pennsylvania Plaza on the corner of West 31st Street and 7th Avenue. Yes, those are indeed Michaelangelo’s nunchucks.

The image was captured by Redditor OniZombies.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

Leonardo’s swords are also present in The Division. These can be found between 5th Street and 43rd Street in Turtle Bay. Well we see what you did there Ubi.

The swords were found by Redditor PeaceFrog89.

We hope that Raphael’s sai and Donatello’s bo are also out there somewhere. Share with if you find them too.

Adventure Time

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

This wall painting is a tribute to one of the most popular toons of Cartoon Network, Adventure Time. It can be found in Pennsylvania Plaza between 29th and 24th Street. The mural stretches quite a way so you can’t afford to miss to check it for yourself.

This was also one of the OniZombies finds.

Sony of Anarchy

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

There’s a billboard in Chelsea which points to another popular TV show, Sons of Anarchy. It can be found between West 20th and West 21st Street in The Divison.

Again this one too was shared by the eagle-eyed OniZombies.

I Am Legend

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

The tip of this hat is certainly a reference to one of the greatest New York post-apocalypse stories. Yes, this Easter Egg is a reference to Will Smith’s version of I Am Legend. Just visit the Grand Central Station in Turtle Bay and search to one side of the big statue to spot Fred under some scaffolding.

This was shared by Redditor LDHolliday.


The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

The reference to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece franchise’ protagonist can be found in the Murray Hill. Visit East 36th Street near the Park Avenue Intersection and search an apartment building. An echo on the top floor starring Nate Dragon – a play on Nathan Drake can be found. The Easter Egg is elaborated by the details which point that he’s a historian who has been involved in museum threats.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that he is listed as “deceased” which could be a reference to Uncharted 4’s original release date which would have seen both the titles go head to head.

Thanks to Gearnuke for sharing this image.

World in Conflict

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

World in Conflict is a 2007 PC-exclusive RTS developed by Ubisoft Massive which met with critical acclaim. You can find copies of World in Conflict in any High Low store. You can go on an Electronics crafting run and you will be sure to find them.

This image was once again posted by OniZombies.

Greg Miller

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

Former IGN and now Kinda Funny host Greg Miller, aka GameOverGreggy, also got a little nod in an Echo which be found on 8th Avenue in Chelsea.

And yeah, it’s another one of the OniZombies screenshots.

Grow Home and Raving Rabbids

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

You can also find a couple of Ubisoft-branded board games on one of the apartment buildings on 29th Street near the 9th Street intersection in Pennsylvania Plaza.

This is from OniZombies once again.

The Walking Dead

The Division Wiki Guide: All Easter Eggs

And this one’s my personal favorite. AMC’s post-apocalyptic adventure also gets a nod from the developers at Ubisoft Massive. There’s a door at one of apartment buildings which says “Don’t Open, Dead Inside.” The original version was written on a hospital door which the show’s protagonist comes across in one of those episodes.

Thanks to Gearnuke for this image.