The Division Guide: All Rare Named Elite Enemy Locations

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Here we are listing The Division all rare named Elite enemy locations. The latest MMO from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division is an instant hit among gamers around the world. There already millions of players fighting in the Dark Zone to beat each other to top of the leaderboards.

Have you wondered whether there are any Rare Named Elite Enemy outside of the Dark Zone? The answer is straight. There are numerous locations outside the Dark Zone where one can find Elite Enemies to deal with. They drop 2 Purple weapons and gears along with the much needed Phoenix Credits. Reddit user, Savvyjack, has compiled a list of Rare Named Elite Enemy locations and also created a map to help the players. Check out them below.

All Rare Named Elite Enemy Locations

Garment District(1370,1355)

  • Underground Between W 39th st and W38th St


  • Above W22nd st Middle between 7th and 6th Ave


  • Above E 23rd st between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave


  • Above No Street

Murray Hill(1330,3022)

  • Above E 38th st near FDR Dive

Turtle Bay(1975,2744)

  • Above 2nd Ave, E 47th st

Hudson Yards(1234,390)

  • Above 12th Ave

Midtown East(2182, 2587)

  • Above 3rd Ave Between E 53rd and 52nd St

For a detailed look, take a look at the map created by Savvyjack below.

The Division Wiki Guide: All Rare Named Elite Enemy Locations

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