Does Call of Duty: WWII Live Up To The Expectations?

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Call of Duty is one of the game series that has continually managed to sell more and more copies. But with Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, the franchise became rather stale. That’s why a revamp and reboot was needed, and this is exactly how Call of Duty: WWII came to be. But is this a hit or a miss?

According to Fortune, the sales for this year’s COD are double when compared to the previous year. It’s clear that people enjoy the WWII take. In fact, it’s important to note that COD as a series started with WWII and the game fully manages to embrace all of that.

The back to the roots approach went so far to the point that the game actually includes a version of the Carentan map from the first COD game. So yes, the gameplay is very good and the experience on its own is among the very best that you can find out there.

The campaign isn’t exactly the best, as it does have its hit and miss moments. The multiplayer is also way faster than what the original COD multiplayer was at that time. But that’s the thing that makes Call of Duty: WWII shine, the fact that it takes the old idea and it polishes it just enough to bring in a great new take on the entire experience as a whole. It’s a distinct approach and it does manage to stand out very well because of that reason alone. It’s a unique and convenient way to handle all these things for sure!

Does Call of Duty: WWII Live Up To The Expectations?

Activision is very happy with the turn that the series took, and rumors are saying that they imposed Sledgehammer to create a WWII game. They wanted to create Advanced Warfare 2, which was yet another game set in the future of mankind. People got bored of this approach, and that’s the reason why Call of Duty WWII arrived at the right time.

A similar thing happened with the Battlefield franchise, and they went back to WWI. It really goes to show just how amazing it is to explore some of the old battlefields and how much history you can learn from games like this.

Granted, not all games are historically accurate, but Call of Duty WWII and Battlefield 1 are placing a lot of focus on realism and a great experience as a whole. It’s definitely one of the better options when compared to yet another futuristic game. Sure, this came right after Battlefield 1 launched, but the game was already for around 2 years in active development.

Does Call of Duty: WWII Live Up To The Expectations?

Old fans are rejoicing that Call of Duty: WWII finally brings the series back to its roots. It’s very important to have a focus on quality and value, and this series does stand out of the crowd once again after a few problematic years. But the question is, how we’ll Call of Duty move on from here? Will they retain the WWII appeal, will they focus on futuristic battles or maybe they will go a bit further into the past? Regardless of the answer, the series is at its best now and Call of Duty: WWII is a great hit, which is what matters the most!

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