Doom 2016 Guide: Argent Cell Locations

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Doom, which was originally known as Doom 4, released on May 13, 2016. It is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. There are many collectibles in Doom 2016. You can collect them to upgrade the Suit or get the weapons. Here we will see the location of Argent Cell. It helps in upgrading your health, armor, and ammo capacity.  In this Doom 2016 Wiki Guide: Argent Cell Location guide, you can get all the Argent Cells locations in the game.

Doom 2016 Argent Cell Locations

Resource Operations

The First Argent Cell in Doom 2016 can be located when you enter the VEGA Terminal. In that room, you will be informed by Hayden about the Mission and goals. Then you will be able to use these points and upgrade the HP armor and ammo.

The Foundry

When you explore the Foundry, you will find a yellow door. Open this door. Then get down and there you will find the Argent cell.

Argent Facility

When you get to the Argent Facility area, disable the Argent Filters. Then move out of the area with the big blue force field. Now move inside the building located in the close vicinity. Then you need to get down to the bottom. There behind the Machinery, you will find the Cell.

Argent Energy Tower

When you find the Double jump boots, you have to move towards the end of the room. Then jump up on the ledges to reach the secret area. There you will get the first Cell. Then the Second cell will be found only when you reach the the end of the mission. At the end you will get into a room with the large red beam in the middle and find the second cell.

Kadingir Sanctum

You will find another cell in the Kadingir Santum area. This area has a red Pool and many enemies. When you open the Blue Sky door, you will find the cell inside the same room.

Lazarus Lab

When you bring down the Helix Containment Field, look towards your right. You will find the Cell from there.