Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide: Tips For Beginners

Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ released on 26 Jan 2018 and here we are with the best Dragon Ball FighterZ tips for beginners. The game’s story is about Goku and his friends set to fight a new battle against a revived Android 16. There is more to the opposition’s camp. Goku and friends will be going against an army of super androids designed like Android 21. The game is available worldwide from Jan 26, except for Japan, where it will be releasing on Feb 1, 2018. The game is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s a 2.5D fighting game where the player selects three characters, forms a team and fight against another team. Player controls one character and it can be switched with one of the other characters. There are different types of attacks and combos in the game and players need to use them and defeat all the three characters of opponent team in order to win the game.This guide will give you a quick overview of the game and a few handy tips to make sure you excel in it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide: Tips For Beginners

At the very beginning, you will be in the lobby area which is the hub world for the entire game. Going clockwise, you will see the following vendors.

PRACTICE RECEPTION – Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, go here and get used to the battle game mechanics of the game and familiarise yourself with how battles work here.

STORY – This is where you can take on multiple challenges to advance the story mode in the game. Beat the Android 21 arc to unlock that character for use.

SHOP RECEPTION – You can spend game currencies which include Zeni and Z Capsules to get new items such as character skins or Z Stamps.

REPLAY RECEPTION – It offers a playback video of your highlights in the game.

LOCAL BATTLE RECEPTION – You can take on another player on the same console here and battle against AI.

ARCADE RECEPTION – This pits your team against multiple gauntlets of other characters.

If you are a newcomer to the whole Dragon Ball franchise and have never watched the anime, a few things may look daunting at first so get familiar with everything in the lobby area.

If you start the Story Mode, you get a tutorial mission in the beginning explaining how to play. Health bars of you and your opponent are at the top of the screen and the Ki Gauge is at the bottom which fills up with each successive hit you land on your opponent. There is also a timer on top so take note of that.

Anime lovers need not worry as the Story Mode does not follow the story of the anime. It is a brand new story with everyone to enjoy, anime watchers or not.

After the tutorial, you find yourself in a map. In each map you are in, you get a limited number of moves to get to the final boss of the map. There are many optional places to visit in the map but if you run out of moves before reaching the boss, its game over and you will have to start the map again. So, move cautiously, not wasting any unnecessary moves. There are a number of side battles before the boss battle which are good opportunities to earn XP and level up your character.

Characters with green markers over them are battles where if you win, that character gets added to your party with a maximum limit of 3. Blue markers are tutorial missions which are good opportunities to earn extra Zeni.

If you lose any battle, you will have to start the map again so before the boss battle, make sure your characters are adequately levelled up.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide: Tips For Beginners. Check out more about Dragon Ball FighterZ in Dragon Ball FighterZ Stages and Characters List.