How to Duplicate Materials in Prey Using Recycle Glitch

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We saw one of the best games of 2017 release today; Prey received amazing user and critic ratings and got a 9/10 on Steam alone. Other than its amazing PC port, Prey also features a slew of amazing features, with stellar graphics and more.

With a new game release however, the community goes crazy in the early days trying to find glitches and bugs to make the game either more convenient or just be anarchists, and release their new found exploits/glitches to the community.

The Recycle duplication glitch in Prey lets player duplicate an unlimited amount of materials to craft ammo, health kits and more.

Prey duplication glitch:

  • Fill the Recycler with whichever Material you wish to recycle, and split your wares into piles of four or more (the more you’re able to split, the more you’ll receive at the other end).
  • Hit recycle and collect your multiplied supplies.
  • Rinse and repeat.


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