How To Enable GodMode in Windows 10

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Here we are to know how to enable GodMode in Windows 10. Windows 10 is a powerful operating system with a lots of improvements and modifications. It gives its users more control over their devices than its predecessors. But power users like me always go for the extra mile. The more, the better. Windows 10 has one such tweak which enables its users to access an all in one control panel designed for advanced users. About 262 God-like features are present it it. So let’s see how to enable this powerful new feature, GodMode in Windows 10.

To enable GodMode in Windows 10, follow the steps below

  1. Create a New Folder on the desktop.
  2. Next rename it to exactly what is written below.


  3. Done! Now enjoy new God-like features all at one place and time.

You can replace the “GodMode” with something “Settings” or anything you like. This feature also works in other and earlier versions of Windows. Windows 10 Home has 230 functions and Windows 8.1 features around 270 God-like functions.

Feeling in full control of your PC yet. Well that’s all you need to do to enable GodMode in Windows 10. You may also be interested in: How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically Using Task Scheduler in Windows 10