Epic Games’ Paragon Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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There’s been lot of buzz regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console lately. There’s also a Zelda game launching along with the console. Epic Games’ Paragon may be coming to Nintendo Switch.

But apart from in-house production, Nintendo Switch has met with positive response from developers across the world. Hundreds of titles are planned for the new hardware including a customized FIFA Experience from EA.

Now, the developer behind Free-To-Play games like Paragon, Unreal Tournament, Fortnight and more has come out in support of console. Epic Games have also developed the Unreal Engine which has been widely used by developers all around the globe.

The folks at SegmentNext believe that the team is porting one of their titles for Switch. This title is no other than Paragon, a free to play MOBA.

The idea of porting Paragon sounds promising but doing so would require a lot of work. The graphics may have to be downgraded for the new hardware to run flawlessly. Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3rd this year.

What other games would you like to see on Nintendo Switch? Sound off in the comments.

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