Exo One Is a KickStarter Project Featuring a Game With “Exoplanet Exploration”, Amazing Graphics and More

While there is a small list of games in which you are a ball, most projects aren’t as gigantic as Exo One; this KickStarter game is currently in the process of being funded.

Exo One is serine, one of the prettiest games we have laid our eyes on. Through a beautiful exoplanet, as an alien sphere, you go soaring through the skies like a Frisbee and rolling through the terrain like a ball.

It’s a diffusion of amazing art, beautiful¬†visuals and atmosphere effects which makes this game something to take a gander at.

If you want to back this project, you can do it here. From a bunch of kickstarter projects, this game definitely seems like the one we’d like to see funded.