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As the Death Star looked upon menacingly from the sky upon the two warriors, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader battled it out in The Cosmic Wastelands a long time into the future.

This video was created with Star Wars mods and is one of Cosmic Contrarian’s best.

As shown in the video, he started things off with a large-scale battle. As the things progress, the combat becomes more focused until the climatic showdown between Luke and his father.

The various mods used to create the video include the Star Wars Imperial Brotherhood of Steel Overhaul, FO4 Season Winter, Luke Skywalker V1.0a and Lightsaber Renew.

All these mods are available on Nexus Mods and Cosmic was nice enough to post the links to each in the video description on his YouTube channel.

Here’s the Fallout 4 Star Wars Battle Video:-