Fallout 4 VR Will Be Massive – A Possible “Industry Changer” Says AMD Vice President

Fallout 4 VR was announced some time ago, around the same time we got to know about the Bethesda-AMD partnership. We are yet to see this massive project come to life but according to AMD’s Corporate Vice President and a possible “industry changer”; implying that this will bring new heights to VR.

While speaking at VR World Congress, Taylor talked about Fallout 4 VR and its implications as an industry changer, which will possibly change the way we think about video games, a very bold comment on the matter, but we are hopeful for seeing a massive change.

Fallout 4 VR is yet to have an official launch date, nor any game play footage. We will possibly see something at E3 2017 which may include a demo and official release date. We will keep you updated; stay tuned.