Fallout 76 – How to Get Power Armor Early

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Our previous guide was about Fallout 76 laser minigun. Here we will find out about Fallout 76 Power Armor Early access. Fallout 76, an online multiplayer game, is the ninth game to the Fallout series. This marks the first one from Bethesda Game Studios to be online multi player.

Bethesda Game Studios released the game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The was out on November 14th this year and has so far received appreciable reception around the world. The game has got a whole new range of weapons and enemies. Let’s move on to find out the armor in this Fallout 76 guide.

Fallout 76 – How to Get Power Armor Early

The power armor comes in handy in crisis situations. So it is a good thing to get it as early as possible in the game. And it is actually possible to get it soon after the player exits Vault 76. Below you will find the steps to get the Fallout 76 Armor.

Ok so after coming out of the vault, first get to the Morgantown Trainyard. This will be located towards east of the Vault.
In the Trainyard you will find that one particular train has a lable on the side saying “USA”. It is in this train that you will find a partial Power Armor suit.
You will notice that it has a helmet, frame and armor pieces.

That’s all about Fallout 76 – How to Get Power Armor Early in the game. Check out our Fallout 76 – How to join Enclave Faction.


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