Far Cry Primal Guide: Complete The Beast Master Hunt Quests

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The latest release in the famous Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal is set in the fictional land of Oros in the Stone Age of 10000 BC. This was an era where human beings were a part of the food chain and not on top of it. Hence, death came by often and quickly. The player’s objective is to become the Ultimate Wenja warrior and control the wild beasts and tame them to fight against the enemies like The Udams and The Izila. This guide shows how to complete the beast master hunt quests in Far Cry Primal.

As the player progresses in the game, he will be tasked with gathering Wenja villagers and bringing them to Sayla’s shelter to build a home for the Wenja tribe. NPCs like Tensay and Jayma will provide the player with quests and completing them will reward the player with Beast Master Skills. To unlock more quests, the player needs to upgrade these NPCs’ huts.

With every quest, the player must upgrade his skills, weapons and tools to deal with the ever-dangerous beasts.

Far Cry Primal Guide: Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests

  1. Great Scar Bear

  • Quest: Tame the Great Scar Bear
  • Location: Inside the Cave
  • Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Unlock: Big Teddy Trophy

This is a side quest which happens much later in the story. Inside the cave, the player needs to locate a blood trail that will lead him to the beast. Once the player sees the bear, it runs and the player must give chase. A tamed beast brought along in this mission will be very beneficial. Then, the Izila people will start attacking the bear and the player must kill all of them first. Then, the player must injure the beast until it is tamed.

  1. Snowblood Wolf

  • Quest: Tame the Snowblood Wolf Leader
  • Location: Snowblood Dire Wolf Beast Master Hunt Zone
  • Difficulty Level: Very Hard
  • Unlock: Good Boy Trophy

Before starting this quest, the player should be equipped with the best of all weapons. In the area, there are a group of Izila people and 2 wolves. The player must kill them all and follow the blood trail then. This will lead to a water pond where the player must again kill some archers and wolves. There is a dead Izila villager near the shore as a clue. The Sabretooth tamed beast can help out a lot in this quest. Once inside the Tomb of Teeth, the player must follow the trail of the dead Izila villagers after which he will finally encounter the wolf. After injuring it, it can be tamed.

  1. Bloodfang Sabretooth

  • Quest: Tame the Bloodfang Sabretooth
  • Location: Atop of the Waterfall Near your Cave(Only During Night)
  • Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Unlock: Here Kitty Trophy

This quest happens a bit later in the game as well. To get to the cave, the player needs the Grappling Hook as it is located on higher ground. This beast is the same one who disposed the player’s hunting party at the beginning of the game. The cave bear will be a great assist in this quest. The player needs to follow the blood trail until the beast is found. The player can use traps to defeat the beast. Then the player must chase him and hunt him using the spear. Then, the beast is tamed.


Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide: Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests
Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide: Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests