Far Cry Primal Guide: Location Of The Grappling Hook

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The latest game in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal offers a new tool namely The Grappling Claw or Grappling Hook which can be used to get to difficult-to-reach places. To get this useful tool, you need to do the following tasks and find the location of the grappling hook:-

Far Cry Primal Guide: Location Of The Grappling Hook

You need to finish a quest chain and after finishing the Beast Master mission, you must go back to the village and must build huts for Sayla and Tensey. The resources required are:-

  • Sayla: 4 alder wood, 3 slate, 2 reeds, 2 deer skins
  • Tensey: 2 alder wood, 2 slate, 2 reeds, 2 wolf skins

No time to rest as what happens next is the invasion of the village by the Udams. You should defend the village. After that, in the map, you can see some new icons representing specialists you can invite to join.

Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide: Location Of The Grappling Hook

Now, you must go and see Bogah, the bald man with the long beard. He is situated east of the village. Once you start your mission, you will find yourself trapped in a cave. The Grappling Hook is located inside a jaguar corpse nearby.

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