Far Cry Primal Guide: Lost Caves Guide

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In the latest title in the famous Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal, lost caves are an integral feature of the game in the fictional land of Oros. They are the means to unlocking secret passageways and landscapes as well as provide good fights. It can be difficult to find all of these caves in the game, not to mention time-consuming. This Lost Caves Guide help you find them.

Far Cry Primal Guide: Lost Caves Guide

Cave of Bones:
The player will need to combat his way through Udam Warriors, Udam Slingers, Udam Spearmen, Udam Elite Scourge, Udam Elite Spearman, and Udam Elite Warrior.

Daysha Hand 79:
The player will find the hand print at the end of the north corridor you access by going to the upper ledges in the main room.

Cave of Hasari:
The player will need to fight your way through wolves, jaguars, cave bear and dholes.

Daysha hand 80:
Once in the upper entrance of the cave, go left and proceed across burning down thorns on the left. Finally follow the path.

Cave of strength:
This time you will just need to navigate. Grappling claw is a required item.

Daysha hand 81:
Swing around the big cave, follow the right ledge to a grappling point, then climb up to the upper level and here you go.

Cave of sun walkers:
Fight Izila archers, Izila Spearmen, Izila Warriors, Izila Scourge, wolves, jaguars, sabretooth tigers and a cave bear.

Cut Mamaf cave:
Back to combat, you’ll face udam chieftain, Udam hunters, Udam spearmen, Udam warriors, Udam scourge, leopard, rare black jaguar, cave bear, brown bear and black lion. This doesn’t seem the easiest thing you’ll do in the game.

Daysha hand 87:
Located at the main entrance, jump down into the lair, take right and then left. Proceed your way to find the Daysha hand.

Dangu cave:
Navigation type, you’ll need a grappling claw

Daysha hand 88:
From the upper exit, Daysha hand is on the side of platform

Freezing caves:
Navigation type, you’ll need a grappling claw

Daysha hand 89:
It is in the third room from the entrance

Gwashtru cave:
Navigation type, you’ll need a grappling claw

Daysha hand 90:
Proceed towards the exit and climb up to a log, cross it and you’ll find the hand

Hagwi drink cave:
Navigation type, you’ll need a grappling claw and antidote

Daysha hand 91:
Light the floating wood and dive underneath until you reach a grappling point. Melt the ice from that point and go up right there to find the hand print.

Hungry Walkwa cave:
Navigation type, bring with you the grappling claw and antidote

Daysha hand 92:
Enter the cave and go left. Climb the ivy and get to the grappling point leading at the top of the tunnel. Turn left, burn thorns and get your deserved Daysha hand.

Marsa cave:
You’ll need to fight Udam spearman, Udam warrior, Udam scourge, wolves, cave lion, black lion, brown bear, and rare black jaguar for this one.

Daysha hand 93:
Go south and climb onto the ledge, then follow the path up to a breakable wall. The hand is right behind it.

River Bagwi cave:
Navigate your way through crocodiles, Udam warriors and scourge. Don’t’ forget you need a grappling claw and antidote.

Daysha hand 94:
Right of the waterfall, go to the main room and spot the ivy: burn it and follow the path to find the Daysha hand in the other room.

Shanma cave:
You will need to fight Udam slinger, Udam warriors, Udam archer, Udam elite spearman, Udam scourge, Udam elite slinger right there.

Daysha hand 95:
It is in the east corner of the main room; enter the cave at the waterfall, swim through water tunnel to the south of the main room. Proceed east of the room and reach it.

Sharp stone cave:
You’ll need to fight your way through Izila elite chieftain, Izila hunters, Izila spearmen, Izila warriors, rare black jaguar, black lion, outside of the cave.

Daysha hand 96:
Once in the cave, open the breakable wall and get the hand inside.

Shayu’s cave:
It is just navigation

Daysha hand 97:
Light the floating wood and dive into the water; swim under the debris, climb onto the ledge you will find on the other side and get the hand there.

Split rock cave:
You’ll need to combat your way through Izila slingers, Izila archer, Izila warriors, Izila spearmen, Izila elite spearmen, Izila elite scourge, and Izila elite archer. In order to access the upper level you’ll have to carry a grappling claw with you.

Dasyah hand 98:
It is on the top of the central pillar in the main room. You can’t miss it.

Wisya Hurt cave:
Navigation type, don’t forget to carry grappling cave and antidote with you

Daysha hand 99:
Access the main room and then follow the right tunnel. Break the wall you will find at the end of it, the hand is behind it.

Yachawha cave:
Navigation type, you will need grappling claw and antidote with you

Daysha hand 100:
Get across the gap and descend into the lower area using a grappling point. Then follow the clues and grapple again to descend the lowest point in the cave. Shatter the ice in the waterfall and right there you will find the hand.

Daysha hand 82:
Go along the right wall as you enter the cave, then climb onto the ledge and bust open the weak wall. The hand print is there.

Chanting cave:
Enemies here are Izila warriors, Izila elite spearman, Izila elite archer, Izila scourges. Watch out, you’ll need a grappling claw to complete this.

Daysha hand 83:
Follow your path until you find some water on your right, then climb to the upper ledge. Cross the rock bridge to the left when you are on the higher level and hop over to the platform on the right; your Daysha hand is there.

Charnga cave:
You’ll need to navigate for this one and face Bitesifh enemies. You will need to carry grappling claw and antidote with you.

Daysha hand 84:
Cross the burning wood first and then search for a grapple point. Go up and move through gas to find the Daysha hand at the end of the area.

Chishta cave:
You’ll face a brown bear in this one, get with you a grappling claw and antidote

Daysha hand 85:
Once you see the cave painting, climb up the log to spot the Daysha hand on the ledge above

Cold swim cave:
Navigate your way to this task, carrying a grappling claw with you

Daysha hand 86:
On the left of the waterfall, proceed into the main room where you will find the Daysha hand on an upper ledge