Far Cry Primal Guide: Weapons Resources Location

Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide: Weapons Resources Location

The latest in the franchise Far Cry, this title is set in the Stone Age around 10000 BC where humans were still a part of the food chain, and not on the top of it. Survival of the fittest was the key and in this regard, humans had stiff competition from dangerous wild animals, enemies such as Udams and Izila who ruled the land of Oros. The player must have the know-how of crafting weapons from different materials to survive in the game. This Weapons Resources Location guide provides information on the resources used for making and crafting weapons.

Far Cry Primal Guide: Weapons Resources Location

Animal Fat

  • Location: All animals
  • Crafting: Ignite the weapon and craft Fire Bomb


Animal hide

  • Location: Overall Oros
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards, sting bomb and spears

Clay Pot

  • Location: On Enemy Corpse
  • Crafting: Ultimate Berserk Bombs and Fire Bombs


  • Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for woods)
  • Crafting: Clubs, arrows, traps and spears


  • Location: Found on Huge Animals like Mammoth and Bears
  • Crafting: Kapala Shard, Blood Shasti Club and other Items


  • Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for rocks)
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards and spears

Bee Cluster

  • Location: In the Hives near Bear in Northern Part of Oros
  • Crafting: Sting Bombs


As the reader can see, these materials are not easy to get but the reward is worth it. In order to survive in the game, the player must obtain these materials and craft them to make good weapons.