Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival Items And Rewards

Final Fantasy XV Assassin's Festival

Final Fantasy XV August 1.14 and 1.15 updates added Assassin’s Creed with the Assassin’s Festival. The Assassin’s Festival is open till Jan 31, 2018. This guide provides the Assassin’s Festival items and rewards. The Assassin’s Festival DLC adds a special event in Lestallum. You can earn Assassin Medallions while there and you can trade them for prizes. Some rewards are transferable to the main game while others can be used only in the festival. This guide will list out all these items and rewards in this festival in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival Items And Rewards

Here is the list of the items and rewards transferable to the main game.

  1. Master Assassin’s Robe – Take the Dream Egg from the Moogie-Chocobo Carnival.
  2. Medjay Assassin’s Robe – Talk to Holly at the festival.
  3. Medjay Assassin’s Shield – Complete the Assassin’s Treasure Quest and In Search Of Truth And Treasure Quest.
  4. Chocobo Camera Filter – For 30 Assassin Medallions, buy the Viva La Vista magazine.
  5. Assassin Photo Frame – Buy it for 90 Medallions.
  6. Assassin Mascot Car Decal – Buy it for 20 Medallions.
  7. Assassin’s Insignia Car Decal – Choose special in the assassin’s luck drawing and keep playing it till you earn the prize.
  8. Serum Skewer Recipe – At the Square Enix cafe, buy the meal from the bartender.
  9. Haystack Assassination Medal – Perform a spectacular assassination and talk to the man on the roof across the hotel.
  10. Garbage Assassination Medal – Same as 9.
  11. Doorway Assassination Medal – Same as 9.
  12. Air Assassination Medal – Same as 9.
  13. Lestallum Speedway Medal – Win a specific chocobo race.
  14. Meteor Circuit Medal – Same as 13.

That was all from Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival items and rewards guide. Read more about Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival – Colour Of Lies Explained.