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Square Enix released the fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series on November 29, 2016. Final Fantasy XV an open world environment and a battle s. tem similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. Here we the list of all treasure locations in Final Fantasy XV. You can get the treasure using the corresponding method mentioned.

Final Fantasy XV All Treasure Locations

Metal Scrap: Found in Leide.

Rusted Bit: Found commonly throughout the game.

Iron Shavings: Found commonly throughout the game.

Fossil Wood: Found commonly throughout the game.

Fossil Shell: Found in Galdin Quay, Glacial Grotto, and Fociaugh Hollow.

Ammonite Fossil: Found in different dungeons.

Shattered Timepiece: Found in Cleigne.

Chrome: Found in various dungeons.

Ancient Dragon Tooth: Found in Cauthess Rest Area, Fociaugh Hollow, Daurell Caverns, and Meldacio Hunter HQ.

Dragon Scales: Found in Kitty Catering.

Mythril Shaft: Found in different dungeons.

Sharp Bone: Found in Leide.

Strong Bone: Found in various dungeons.

Electrolytic Condenser: Found in Leide.

Laser Sensor: Found in Imperial bases, Gralea, and as an enemy drop.

Dynamo: Found in Callatein’s Plunge right outside Glacial Grotto, Gralea, Insomnia, and as an enemy drop.

Magitek Core: Found in Galdin Quay, from Stealing the Past quest, and as an enemy drop.

Star Shell: Found in Galdin Quay.

Tiny Feather: Found in Duscae.

Giant Feather: Found in Hammerhead area and Verinas Mart, Ravatogh.

Beetle Shell: Found in Meldacio Hunter HQ and Daurell Caverns.

Building Stone: Found in Duscae and south region of Cleigne.

Quality Building Stone: Found in Hammerhead area and Rock of Ravatogh.

Splendid Building Stone: Found in various dungeons.

Old Book: Found in Lestallum.

Broken Harmonica: Found in Lestallum and Deadeye’s Lair.

Platinum Ingot: Acquire Gladio’s Survival Skill (Level 7-10).

Rare Coin: Found in Cleigne.

Mythril Ingot: Acquire Gladio’s Survival Skill (Level 10).

Glass Gemstone: Found in Lestallum, Cape Caem, and Rock Of Ravatogh.

Earth Gemstone: Found in Cleigne.

Sky Gemstone: Found in Tenebrae, various dungeon mazes, and from “A Feline Feast” quest.

Beautiful Bottle: Found in Duscae.

Debased Silverpiece: Found near various outposts in Cleigne.

Debased Banknote: Found in Cleigne.

Gralean Medal of Distinction: Found in East of Lestallum and Gralea.

Imperial Medal of Honor: Found in Gralea.

Magnetron: Found in Gralea and as an enemy drop.

Hydraulic Cylinder: Found in north of Fort Vaullerey, Gralea.

Wind-up Lord Vexxos: Obtained from playing Justice Monsters Five mini-game.

Hunter’s Medal: Found through Menace Beneath Lucis quest.

Garula Tusk: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and as an enemy drop.

Garula Fur: Found through Totomostro and as an enemy drop.

Great Garula Tusk: Found through Totomostro and Coernix Station – Alstor region.

Hairy Horn: Dropped by Dualhorn.

Hardened Hoof: Dropped by Bloodhorn, Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.

Giant Hairy Horn: Found in Galdin Quay and dropped by Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.

Thick Hide: Dropped by Aspidochelon.

Worn Incisor: Dropped by Aspidochelon.

Coeurl Whiskers: Dropped by Elder Coeurl and earned in Totomostro.

Sabertusk Claw: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Frekitusk and Alphatusk.

Curved Fang: Found in Longwythe Rest Area region and dropped by Saberclaw.

Voretooth Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth and Yellowteeth.

Havocfang Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.

Scaled Skin: Dropped by Mushumahhu and Burbost Souvenir Emporium.

Barbed Poison Needle: Dropped by Mushumahhu.

Crimson Tongue: Dropped by Falxfang and Megaloclaw.

Hard Whiskers: Dropped by Maganir, Mesmenir, and bought from Burbost Souvenir Emporium.

Mesmenir Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium.

Anak Fetlock: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.

Anak Antlers: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anak Stag.

Giant Curlhorn: Dropped by Arabgadol.

Sahagin Scale: Dropped by Sahagin.

Sharp Head Fin: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.

Shiny Oil: Dropped by Gigantoad, Gaiatoad, and Hekatontoad.

Rough Scales: Dropped by Gurangatch.

Catoblepas Fang: Dropped by Catoblepas.

Curved Hollowhorn: Dropped by Kujata.

Cockatrice Tail Feathers: Dropped by Cockatrice.

Cockatrice Crest: Dropped by Cockatrice.

Basilisk Plumage: Dropped by Basilisk.

Insect Stinger: Dropped by Killer Bee.

Barbed Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp and Solider Wasp.

Behemoth Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium, Wiz Chocobo Post region, Deadeye lair.

Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.

Bulette Carapace: Dropped by Griffon.

Shield Spike: Dropped by Bulette.

Malboro Eye: Dropped by Bulette.

Malboro Vine: Dropped by Malboro Sprout and Malboro Brat.

Monster Claw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.

Monster Jaw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.

Greatsnake Crest: Dropped by Hvitromr and Midgardsormr.

Centipede Jaw: Dropped by Hunglegs.

Prawn Antennae: Dropped by Karlabos and Rogue Karlabos.

Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Saphytail.

Treant Branch: Dropped by Treant.Treant Trunk: Dropped by Treant.

Mandrake Flower: Dropped by Mandrake.

Wyvern Wing: Dropped by Wyvern.

Sharp Tail Feathers: Dropped by Daggerquill and Dynoaevis.

Thunderoc Feathers: Dropped by Thunderoc and Copperoc.

Zu Beak: Dropped by Zu.

Dragon Horn: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.

Scarlet Splinterbone: Dropped by Quetzalcoatl.

Great Anak Antlers: Dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.

Arba Spur: Dropped by Arba and Arbagadol.

Centipede Feet: Dropped by Redlegs.

Centipede Teeth: Dropped by Redlegs.

Rough Shell: Dropped by Karlabos.

Fine Slimy Oil: Found in East of Lestallum and dropped by Gaiatoad.

Sharp Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth.

Deadly Stinger: Dropped by Killer Queen.

Strong Whiskers: Found in Taeplar Rest Area region.

Giant Hoof: Dropped by Kujata.

Fearsome Hoof: Dropped by Molokujata.

Colorful Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.

Translucent Skin: Dropped by various enemies.

Fine Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.

Magnificent Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.

Fine Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.

Magnificent Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.

Beautiful Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.

Big Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Reaperking.

Scorpion Barb: Dropped by Reapertail.

Hard Scale: Dropped by Alphagin.

Cactuar Needle: Dropped by Slactuar and South of Lake Vesperpool.

Heavy Scale: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.

Spiked Armor: Dropped as an enemy drop.

Hardened Hide: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.

Jumbo Needle: Dropped by Gigantuar.

Sharp Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp.

Beautiful Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.

Gorgeous Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.

Tough Shell: Dropped by Skarnbulette.

Giant Crab Pincers: Found in Malmalam Thicket and dropped by Shieldshears and Mightyshears.

Strong Pincers: Dropped by Sheidshears.

Small Beak: Dropped by Regaltrice.

Downy Feathers: Dropped by Regaltrice.

Dragon Claw: Dropped by Wyvern.

Drooping Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.

Divine Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.

Crab Carapace: Dropped by Stoneshears, Rubyshears, and Sparkshears.

Sturdy Helixhorn: Dropped by Leukorn and Duplicorn.

Rotten Splinterbone: Dropped by Mictlantechihuatl.

Large Hollowhorn: Dropped by Molokujata.

Adamantite: Dropped by Adamantoise.

Repair Kit: Found in Mini-mark in Hammerhead, JM Market in Old Lestallum, and Coernix Stations.

Bluegilll Scale: Obtained from fishing.

Bluegill Fin: Obtained from fishing.

Catfish Barbel: Obtained from fishing.

King Catfish Heart: Obtained from fishing.

Jade Gar Mirrorscale: Obtained from fishing.

Snakehead Teeth: Obtained from fishing.

Snakehead Scales: Obtained from fishing.

Alstor Bass Bones: Obtained from fishing.Phoenix Bass Bladder: Obtained from fishing.

Arapaima Scales: Obtained from fishing.

Barrelfish Scales: Obtained from fishing.

Murk Grouper Eye: Obtained from fishing.

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