Final Fantasy XV Guide: Ascension Coins Locations

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Final Fantasy XV released for PS4 and Xbox One in Nov 2016. It is an open world environment and a battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. In the game, there are special items you can purchase only via ascension coins hence they are invaluable. This ascension coins locations guide will show the locations of all these coins and how you can use them.

Final Fantasy XV Ascension Coins Locations

Location 1

Go to Keycatrich Trench Dungeon and search the barrels behind the locked doors. You will get one coin. There is another coin in the collapsed tunnel.

Location 2

Go to Galdin Quay Restaurant. Go to the central desk and on the path towards the docks. Search the table.

Location 3

Go to Cornix Station. From there, go south and to Alstor Outpost. There is a coin between the two cars in the parking lot.

Location 4

At the top of a building in Praire Outpost. Search for the hunter’s post. There are broken cars near the brick building. Go to the top of that building.

Location 5

Near Burbost Souvenir Emporium outpost. Search the traffic cones.

Location 6

At the end of Greyshire Grotto Dungeon. You will find the coin there.

Location 7

Go to Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon in Chapter 5 and search near the plants.

Location 8

Go to Cornix Station and look for a parking lot. Go down the stairs and take the road. Pass a few buildings and take the stairs on the other side of the road.

Location 9

Get to Cauthess Rest Area outpost. Go to the south of the gas station. Then get to the roof of the building at the end.

Location 10

Behind Crow’s nest near Taelpar Rest Area.

Location 11

Search in the trash cans at Verinas Mart – Ravatogh.

Location 12

In the dungeon at the end of the game.

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