Final Fantasy XV Guide: Assassin’s Festival Photo Challenge Locations

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Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival is open till Jan 31, 2018 and is a DLC which adds a special event in Lestallum. Here we will see about Assassin’s Festival photo challenge locations and how can you complete the photo challenge quest.

Find Vyv in his spot near Lestallum, close to the Square Enix Cafe. His quest is called Lights! Camera! Assassin! and this marks ten photo challenges in the map. This guide will show you how to finish this quest in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Guide: Assassin’s Festival Photo Challenge Locations

You get three Assassin Medallions per photo getting you 30 in total. When you are close to a good spot, Prompto will talk to you letting you know you are in a good position to take a photo. Here are the photo challenge locations.

Location 1: SNOWBALL 
In front of the hotel, above the main entrance. She is on a glass canopy next to the sign.

Location 2: KITTYCLERK
Go to the small store near the entrance next to the assassin’s flags. Snap a photo of the cat inside the store.

Location 3: ASSASSIN FAN
Go to the rooftops on the west and reach the top of the building next to the trash can. Take a photo from a distance as the assassin fan’s location is unreachable.

Location 4: NO-TAIL
There is a good spot you can go to from the central market square. On the same balcony as No-Tail.

Location 5: OLD CHAP
You need to take the photo from the rooftop northwest of him as his location is unreachable. It is the rooftop where the Shady Dealings quest is triggered. Jump on the blue pipe just in front to get a clearer photo.

Location 6: CHOCOBRO
This is the guy wearing the Chocobo costume. He is on the main street, in front of the big tower.

Go near the bridge leading to the power plant. Find a metal bucket here on a wooden box. The shadow of a nearby building hides him well so be on the lookout.

Location 8: CACTENDANT
In the southeastern part of Lestallum in the Square Enix Cafe. On a small box behind the bartender.

Location 9: MOOGLINA
Go to the tallest tower in Lestallum from where you can perform a Leap Of Faith. Mooglina is on the top of the building west from the prize counter. Zoom in there to snap a photo.

North of the hotel, climb the rooftops and reach the ones next to the marketplace. This assassin is in a small corner next to the balcony fence.

That’s all the Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival Photo Challenge locations. Read more about Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Festival Items and Rewards guide and Assassin’s Festival Colour of Lies Explained.