Final Fantasy XV Guide: Chocobo Pear Locations

Final Fantasy XV Guide: Chocobo Pear Locations

In Final Fantasy XV, Chocobo pears are items that can change the color of the chocobo. First, you need to finish the side quest Friends Of Feather. The pears do not impact missions but can make for a good visual appeal, especially if you are bored with the same old color of the chocobo. This Chocobo pear locations guide will list out the locations of these pears.

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Pear Locations


When you are racing against Prompto, you can find this pear. The pear is on a grassy ground on the left side of your screen near the wooden fence.


This is obtained when you are racing against Gladio and Iris. After the fifth checkpoint, a cabin will appear on the left. Keep hopping over fences there till you reach an area with bushes. Search near the trees.


In the night time on the rocky road. Search on the rocks after passing the first checkpoint.


When you are racing against Ignis at Rocky Road. Go to a passage on the right and then to another one on the left. This will lead you to a grassy land where you can find a pear.


Search around the road. Take the path on the right and search the rocks.


This is obtained when you are playing Chocobo Hoops in rain. Take a left, look for a wall and jump over it. Search near the tree.

O Ghomoro Pear

Race at night time after 8:30 with Prompto and Ignis at Full field. Follow the road and locate a race board. Go to the road on the left and search for another race board.

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