Final Fantasy XV Guide: Crafting Items Locations

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In Final Fantasy XV, there are three types of Limit Break spells in the game – Flare, Freeze and Electron. The damage cap of each of these types is 9999. This crafting items location guide will show how to craft these spells in the game. Final Fantasy XV released for PS4 and Xbox One in Nov 2016. It is an open world environment and a battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Final Fantasy XV Crafting Items Locations

You need to collect the following items to make these spells.


Take on the bounty to kill Adamantoise after chapter 9. Then, return to Lucis via Umbra to get this item.

Dragon Claw

Go to the Steyliff Grove Maze Dungeon. The item is dropped after defeating a level 86 Wyvern.

Hardened Hide

Go to the Castlemark Tower. The item is dropped by a higher levelled jabberwock.

Hunter’s Medallion

Complete ‘Menace Beneath Lucis’ quest given by Emza at the Meldacio Hunter HQ. You also need to finish the dungeons Bealouve Mines, Crestholme Channels, Castlemark Tower and Daurell Caverns.

Rotten Splinterbone

Go to the Streyliff Grove Maze Dungeon. This item is dropped by the boss of the dungeon. Break the appendage of the boss to get this item.

Wind-Up Lord Vexxos

Go to the Altissa in Chapter 9 and play the Justice Monsters five. Win 99 chests there to get this item.

Zu Beak

Take on the Feathered Giant Of The Firesmoke quest and beat a level 67 Zu. It is found in Verinas Mart – Ravatogh.

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