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Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s fifteenth main installment in the Final Fantasy game series, is an open world environment and a battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. It released on 29 Nov 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. This article is about learning the mechanics of spell crafting in the game is paramount to achieving your goals in the game. It is available in the elemancy menu. This guide will serve as a spell crafting guide.

Final Fantasy XV Spell Crafting Guide

Different spells have different ingredients required for crafting. Gather all the required ingredients and use the spell instantly or store it away for later use. To use the spell, you will need to equip it to either the primary or secondary arm of the character. Make sure to carry magic flask as without it, you can’t carry spells. One flask can hold up to 99 spells so make sure to carry as many magic flasks as you need.

Now, how to get the ingredients required for crafting spells? You can drain elemental energy in various levels or defeat enemies for the same. They can also be found in deposits stored around havens.

And here are the list of spells, their functions and the ingredients required to craft them.

Spell: Install-Kill
Ingredients: Gold Needle + Scorpion Stinger or Coeurl Whiskers as catalyst.
Function: This is an instant kill on all monsters except bosses.

Spell: Top Spell
Ingredients: Use any one of the following catalysts: Ammonite Fossil, Fossil Wood, Fossil Shell, Star Shell, Ancient Dragon Tooth, Maiden’s Kiss or Broken Harmonica.
Function: This freezes enemies for a short duration.

Spell: Cure Spell
Ingredients: Elemental Energy + any one of the following items: Leiden Potato, Aegir Root, Potion, Hi-Potion, Lucian Tomato, Beetroot, Killer Tomato, Cup Noodles, Chocobean, Wild Onion or Saxham Rice.
Function: This restores HP of the main character.

Another part of the spells is the catalyst. Catalysts add their respective elemental effects for bonuses.

Here is the list of Catalyts.


  • Beetroot, Killer Tomato, Potion, Saxham Rice, Hi-Potion, Aegir Root, Chocobean, Leiden Potato, Wild Onion, Lucian Tomato and Cup Noodles
  • This heals the caster and damages the enemy.


  • Rough Scales, Cockatrice Trail Feathers, Remedy, Super Restorative, Ether, Sheep Milk, Metal Scrap, Varetooth Bristles, Havocfang ,Hard Whiskers, Shattered Timepiece, Chrome Bit, Sharp Bone, Strong Bone, Tiny Feather, Garula Tusk, Hairy Horn, Supple Tail, Sahagin Scale, Basalisk Plumage and Bulette Carapace.
  • You can cast two spells without cooldown.


  • Elixir, Crooked Helixhorn, Phoenix Down, Shiled Spike, Glass Gemstone, Garula Fur, Hi-Elixir, Sweet Pepper, Shier Turmeric, Dragon Scales and Wyvern Wing.
  • You can cast three spells without cooldown.


  • Mega Phoenix, Allural Shallot, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Kettier Ginger, Beetle Shell, Gralean Medal of Distinction, Catoblepas Fang, Monster Claw, Sharp Tail Feathers and Thunderoc Feather.
  • You can cast four spells without cooldown.


  • Imperial Medal of Honor, Magnetron, Mandrake Flower, Reflex Enhancer, Magitek Core, Magitek Booster, Malboro Eye and Scarlet Splinterbone.
  • You can cast five spells without cooldown.


  • Funguar, Scorpion Barb, Antidote and Insect Stinger
  • This poisons the enemy.


  • Ancient Dragon Tooth, Ammonite Fossil, Maiden’s Kiss, Broken Harmonica, Star Shell, Fossil Wood and Fossil Shell.
  • This freezes the enemy.


  • Coeurl Whiskers, Scorpion Stinger and Gold Needle
  • This is an instant kill to the enemy.


  • Rusted Bit and Iron Shavings
  • This makes the enemy miss a spell.


  • Hardened Hoof, Crimson Tongue, Leiden Pepper, Centipede Legs,     Centipede Jaw, Alstroom and Translucent Skin
  • This gives enervation power in your spells.


  • Old Book, Debased Silverpiece, Debased Banknote, Cockatrice Crest and Rare Coin
  • This gives you XP from casting spells.


  • Giant Crab Pincers
  • Both the caster and the enemy take damage from this spell.


  • Beautiful Bottle
  • You can cast this without consuming spell.

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