Final Fantasy XV Guide: Tomb Locations

Final Fantasy XV Tomb Locations

For getting new Ancestral’s weapons, you need to find tombs. These weapons are powerful so it is recommended to search for these tombs to get these weapons. This tomb locations guide will show the locations of these tombs.

Final Fantasy XV Tomb Locations

Tomb Of The Wise

Learn about Insomnia Invasion. Go to the north of The Three Valleys to find this tomb. Start the Power Of Kings and get the Sword Of The Wise.

Tomb Of The Conqueror

At the end of Keycatrich Trench Dungeon, east of the above mentioned tomb. The weapon you find is the Axe Of The Conqueror.

Tomb Of The Wanderer

This is found during the Sword In The Waterfall quest. To the west of the icy region, this tomb houses the weapon Sword Of The Wanderer.

Tomb Of The Mystic

It is a part of Archaean quest. Go to the end of the alleyway to get the Blade Of The Mystic.

Tomb Of The Fierce

Go to the southwest edge of the Cleigne. Go inside the dungeon to get the Mace Of The Fierce.

Tomb Of The Pious

Go to the Malmalam Thicket dungeon and go till the very end.

Tomb Of The Clever

Finish the Balouve Mines Dungeon near Galdin Quay.

Tomb Of The Rogue

Go south of Vesperpool and inside Myrlwood Dungeon. Get the Star Of The Rogue at the end.

Tomb Of The Just

Go to Thommels Glade, west of Disc. Find the Shield Of The Just.

Tomb Of The Warrior

Follow the Hand Of The King quest. Check out the tomb after the battle to get the Katana Of The Warrior.

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