How to Fix Dragon Ball FighterZ Errors – FPS Issue, Fatal Error, Missing DLL and more

Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide

Loved watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid. Now we have Dragon Ball FighterZ video game released. In this guide, we have collected some of the common issues that gamers have come across. This guide is all about how to fix Dragon Ball FighterZ errors – FPS issue, fatal error, missing DLL and more issues for PC. The game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works. Bandai Namco Entertainment published the game worldwide, except for Japan, on Jan 26. Japan release is on Feb 1. Have a look at the Dragon Ball FighterZ system requirements mentioned below to make sure that the errors that you are getting are not due to the PC requirements. Check out Dragon Ball FighterZ system requirements.

How to Fix Dragon Ball FighterZ Errors – FPS Issue, Fatal Error, Missing DLL and more

Now that we are sure that the errors that have come up for you is not due to system requirements, let’s check the how to fix them. Some of the common errors that you will find below are missing DLL errors, FPS issues, other performance issuem black screen, audio issue and more. So let’s get started and find out quick fixes and tweaks.

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Long Load Times
  • Fatal Error
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Missing DLL Files
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Black Screen
  • FPS Issues
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Sound Issues
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ Untrusted System File Error
  • Memory Could Not be Read Error

Dragon Ball FighterZ Taking Forever to Load

Well first thing, the load time. Are you stuck at the loading screen for a long time? This is not so common issue, but yes there are some users having it. This long load time is due to the hard drive. If you are having an old one, just make sure that no extra processes are running behind eating up HDD and you will be fine.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Fatal Error

This fatal error needs some work to be done on your side. It’s simple. There are two options. First option, you have to get to the game’s folder. Just open Run (by Press Win + R). Once the window opens, enter %localappdata% in the text box and press enter. Look for the Dragon Ball FighterZ folder, if not visible, check for hidden folders. Then delete it.

Second option to try, if the previous one doesn’t work out. Open Steam and go to Dragon Ball FighterZ game folder located as mentioned below and download and paste the DirectX files.

steamapps\common\DRAGON BALL FighterZ\RED\Binaries\Win64

Dragon Ball FighterZ Missing DLL Files

Missing DLL files issue has generally come up for those using Win 7. The solution is to get the OS updated. This will get the missing DLL files and fix the issue. This is for Win 7 and higher alike.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Black Screen Issue

The black screen problem has come up with many users. First of all, make sure the drivers are updated. Then the next thing to do is play the game in windowed mode. This you can do by pressing Alt + Enter. Then go to settings and make the resolution same as your native resolution. Then the black screen issue will be fixed. Check it by running the game in full-screen.

Dragon Ball FighterZ FPS Issue

To fix problems like Stuttering, FPS drop or other performance issues, follow the steps listed below.

  • Get the GPU latest drivers. It is one of the main reasons for FPS issues.
  • Next thing to do is to make sure you use external.
  • Also check that there are no extra processes running at the background.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sound Issues

There have been instances where gamers have come across sound issues like no audio or even is audio is there, it’s kind of a buzzing sound. To fix the Dragon Ball FighterZ audio issues, we need to make some changes in Playback Devices settings. On the task, to the right side, right click on the sound icon and open Playback Devices from the menu that opens up. Now in the Playback tab, you will see all the devices. Just disable all by right-click> disable, leaving the one you will be using. Then click Apply and Ok and the issue should be fixed.

For Buzzing Sound/ Audio Issue

Go to Playback Devices > click on the enabled device> click Properties> Advanced tab and then select the audio quality.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Untrusted System File Error

This is an important one but not that much. It is due the anti-virus installed in your system. Just add the Dragon Ball FighterZ folder as an exception and the error would be fixed. The message would show safeips64.dll error in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Memory Could Not be Read Error

A tricky one. Few things that you can do to fix this error are here:

  1. Get the latest GPU drivers.
  2. Go to My Computer or My PC > then right-click > select properties.
    • In Properties, select Advanced System Settings > then under Performance, choose settings.
    • Now in the settings’ Advanced tab, under Virtual Memory, look for the button named change and click it and now you have to make the virtual memory more to fix the problem.

That’s all about how to fix How to Fix Dragon Ball FighterZ Errors – FPS Issue, Fatal Error, Missing DLL and more. Check out Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips for Beginners.