Fortnite Guide: Base Building-Persistent Home Base Storm Shield

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Fortnite full version is coming in 2018. For now you can play the early access. Fortnite is co-op sandbox survival video game, playable on PC, PS4, Mac and Xbox One. It is  developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. Fortnite Guide: Base Building-Persistent Home Base Storm Shield.

Building an effective base layout is a key aspect to succeed in the game. This guide will show how to build a good defensive base for your storm shield.

Fortnite Guide: Base Building-Persistent Home Base Storm Shield

The home base storm shield has plenty of wood, stone and metal but it lacks other resources. Also, prepare the ammo and trap material fronts before starting missions as there are not houses full of loot to find ammo. Also, if you are playing solo, there is a good chance husks will slip past you and reach your base. Hence, trap placement and base layout become very important.

Start with building walls and floors surrounding the shield and then add a second layer of either full or low walls to slow husks down while you explore the map. Place floor and wall traps on the two tiles closest to the storm shield in the place where the husks will run after breaking through your defences. Once you get more resources, focus on gathering all husks in one specific area or slow them down at an area to take them out quickly in large numbers.

Combinations of full walls with stairs can be used and also low walls can be used to act as hallways. See over them as they stop or slow down the husks and fire at them. Set a low wall at a good position with a wall trap to handle enemies before shooting them. You will acquire the ability to place defender tiles. Then you can build up the defender crew. It would be best to build around your storm shield in the shape of a pyramid. Then on the four outer edges, set defender panels. Also, as defenders use your weapon and ammo, give them single shot weapons to conserve ammo.

As time passes and the husk waves get bigger, you need to traverse around the map quickly. Build some bridges connecting the hills on each side. This also gives you high ground for sniping.

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