Fortnite Guide: Building Base – Multiplayer Quests

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Fortnite, a co-op sandbox survival video game, is coming in 2018. It will be available for PC, PS4, Mac and Xbox One platforms. But for now you can play and enjoy the early access. This Fortnite guide is about building base – Multiplayer Quests.

Building an effective base layout is a key aspect to succeed in the game. This guide will show how to build a good defensive base for your multiplayer quests.

Fortnite Guide: Building Base – Multiplayer Quests

Quest maps outside your base are not persistent so anything you build there won’t be around forever. First up, do not build any traps during the first few hours. The husks will not be able reach your traps in the first 15-20 missions, but this depend on the skill level of the team. Hence, save these traps for later in the game.

Also, many quests have a bonus badge if you do not over build and keep your structure count as minimal as possible. Pay attention to base layout with walls, floors and stairs. Also, make sure to give yourself and your teammates access to anything or anywhere you want to reach. Having two or three layers of low walls set a few tiles apart can be beneficial. This is help in blocking enemies at more than one point.

Think in three dimensions always. You can create floors in air to have upward mobility. Bridges, crow nests and overhangs can be built with low floors. This is useful to attack from above. Ceilings become important when enemies use flaming objects as these can hit your base without them getting close. For Stairs too, the panels can be changed like walls, so that curling staircases can be built that go up multiple floors at once and double back on themselves.

While building top floors, make sure to have locations for snipers to come out and attack these husks. A good team may include one player sniping, a melee attacking and two others with standard ranged weapons. This can take out a wave of husks easily. Also, use ceiling traps that hang down. Ceiling traps can also be useful if you are building tunnels with walls on all four sides to funnel Husks in a specific direction towards a kill zone.

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