Fortnite Guide: How To Find Survivors

Fortnite Guide

Fortnite is developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games and published by Epic Games. It is a co-op sandbox survival video game. The game is playable on PC, PS4, Mac and Xbox One. The full free-to-play game is expected to be released sometime in 2018. The game is about exploration, scavenging items, crafting weapons, building fortified structures and fighting waves of encroaching monsters. Players have to work together to scavenge items to be used for building and defend their structures and objectives from husks. This guide shows how to find Survivors in Fortnite.

Finding survivors counts to one of the big quests later in the game and it also helps transform your heroes and squad members. This guide will show how to find these survivors in the game.

Fortnite Guide: How To Find Survivors

Complete or get close to radar buildings and survivors will appear on your mini-map in the form of a blue humanoid. Look around and find them. You can receive your reward after figuring out what level they are on.

Survivors will more often than not shout for help and you can hear them from a good distance. Turn on subtitles and when they call, the subtitles will display the text. Break through any nearby floors or walls to find secret rooms. The survivors may be trapped in them.

The survivors also hide behind shelves and cans full of supplies. You can also get these items in addition to finding the survivors. The best place is in the corners of buildings or sewer-like areas.

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