Friday The 13th Guide: How to Earn CP and Level Up

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Friday The 13th is based on New Line Cinema’s franchise of the same name. The game released on May 26, 2017. It supports PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms and is a multiplayer game. In the game seven players controlling Camp Crystal Lake counselors pit against one player who controls Jason Vorhees. This semi-open world game is set in the mid-1980s and it captures the feel of the films. Here we will talk about how to earn Cp and level up fast in Friday The 13th game.

CP stands for Customisation Points in the game. These are used to unlock avatars of Jason and different perks for the other characters in the game. Every time you level up, you are awarded 500 CP. You can also sell perks you do not need for 150 CP per perk. This guide will show a few tips on how to level up faster.

Friday The 13th How to Earn CP and Level Up

The quickest way to earn a good amount of CP is to finish the match as quickly as possible. If you do die early in the game, do not quit. Spectate the game and you will earn 500 CP in the end. Also, you have a good chance of arriving back in the game as Tommy who appears when a counselor has died or has escaped. And you are rewarded with a good amount of CP by the actions you perform while being Tommy.

The most CP is obtained by killing Jason but as mentioned in our previous guide, it is very difficult and requires extensive teamwork so if you are playing with strangers, refrain from trying to kill Jason.

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