Full Content for the New Halo 5 DLC, Anvil’s Legacy

Full Content for the New Halo 5 DLC, Anvil's Legacy

Developer 343 Industries announced everything that comes with Anvil’s Legacy, the latest Halo 5 DLC which was unveiled last week.

There are new maps: Temple (Warzone Assault) and Mercy (Arena), which is a reimagining of the Haven map from Halo 4. As for new weapons, the main ones are the Tactical Magnum, Berserker’s Claw and Wicked Grasp, both of which are Assault Cannons and described as ultra-rare and rare respectively.

This Halo 5 DLC Anvil’s Legacy releases September 8 on Xbox One, which is the same day the game’s Forge tools will be released on Windows 10 PC. So mark your calendars as this will be a big day for the game.