Gears Of War 4 Guide: Gear Pack Details

Gears Of War 4 Guide: Achievement List and Gear Pack Details

This game is set to be released on 11 Oct 2016 but for some reason, The Coalition has revealed the gear pack details in the game before the launch. Gear packs are purchased in the game via the in-game currency. It is earned only by playing any one of the online modes. A gear pack may consist of new characters, weapon skins or even skills or a combination of them.

A normal purchaser of the game will be given one free pack. Ultimate Edition purchasers or season pass holders will get seventeen additional packs. If the player doesn’t want to use the card, another option is there to scrap it. The game’s crafting system uses the scrap currency and enough scrap will gain the player an item.

Gear packs can also be bought with real money. Here are the Gear Pack Details.

Gears Of War 4 Gear Packs Details

Versus Booster Pack – 400 Credits or $0.99
There are no items in this gear pack. Instead, the player will receive five bounties to be equipped before the match. Bounties are like challenges that reward experience and more credits when completed.

Horde Booster Pack – 400 Credits or $0.99
The contains four horde skills and one horde bounty. Horde bounty is the same as the regular bounty but the horde skills can be specifically used in the horde 3.0 mode.

Operations Pack – 1,000 Credits or $1.99
This holds four random cards and one guaranteed customization item. The cards can be skins, characters, bounties or skills.