Gears of War 4 Guide: Horde Mode Fortifications Types

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Gears of War 4 introduces the Horde 3.0 that lets your 4-man squad battle through increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Starting from weaker DeeBees to stronger ones and Swarms, the Horde 3.0 mode allows the players to fight 50 waves of enemies. Players have to find the Fabricator, place it in a defensible position and build fortifications and weapons to fend off the hordes of enemy waves.

Horde Mode Fortifications Types

Fortifications in Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 can be acquired from the Fabricator by spending power. You can use the TAC/COM to find the location of the Fabricator in the middle of the map. The squad gets 30 seconds to prepare before the first wave hits.

The Fabricator level can be upgraded by spending power –  Level 2 for 30,000 Power, Level 3 for 90,000 Power, and Level 4 for 120,000 Power.

Below are the types of Fortifications and how they are useful during the combat.

Barriers slow/stop the enemy progress and should be placed at choke points. These can also be combined with turrets for a deadly combo.

These attract the attention of enemies so that you can mow them down without receiving any damage.

They are more powerful than sentries, but require the player to man them and have increased range and damage.

Weapon Locks
These allow you to store upto 4 weapons and completely replenish their ammo.

Sentries and Shock Sentries
These automatically attack enemies when they come under a certain radius and are suitable for defending from the flank positions. Shock Sentries basically slow and stun enemies.

Repair Tool
This is not a fortification, but is needed to repair the damaged fortifications and also replenish ammo for turrets, sentries, and shock sentries.

Hope this has helped you understand the Fortification types better.

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