Gears Of War 4 Guide: Boss Fight The Swarmak

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Developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios, Gears Of War 4 is the fifth installment in the Gears Of War franchise despite the title. It is the first entry to not be developed by Epic Games. The game is a third-person shooter game and it is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. It was released on 11 October 2016.

There are several bosses the player encounters in the single player version of the game. Each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Even the smallest and weakest of the bosses can prove difficult to handle if you are not knowing how to deal with it.

This guide will show how to defeat the boss fight– The Swarmak.

Gears Of War 4 Boss Fight The Swarmak

This boss appears in Act 4, Chapter 5. As soon as he appears, start firing at him until you get a new objective of using the transformers to hit this boss.

Find out the location of these transformers. Pull the lever and fire at the transformer’s exposed core to overload it to hit the Swarmak.

The Marza MK1 and Boomshot are there near the transformers which are excellent for hitting the boss’ exposed blisters. The Swarmak will later call in juvies in the fight.

Stay behind cover and kill the juvies using your Lancer. Scions enter the area after you overload the third transformer. Quickly go to the upper walkway to eliminate the scions.

After you overload the fourth and last transformer, split up into two groups, one to take care of the drones and juvies and other to deal damage to the exposed blisters of the boss.

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