Genshin Impact Secret Trophies List

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Genshin Impact secret trophies list and how to achieve them is here. This fantastic action rpg by miHoYo is one of most played games since its release. In other words since 2020 it is one of most favorite games.

Genshin Impact Secret Trophies List

Explorer: Unswerving (Bronze)
In the center of the heart-shaped rock formation, open the chest.

Explorer: Beloved of the Anemo Archon (Bronze)
in Mondstadt, sit in the hands of the God Statue.

Journey: The End of the Beginning (Silver)
The Mondstadt Archon Quests needs to be complete to get this trophy.

DLC: Genshin Impact Trophies: Series II

Journey: A New Star Approaches (Bronze)
Finish ‘A New Star Approaches’.


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