Google Introduces Cloud IoT Core Service; Fully-Managed Service for IoT Devices

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With the surge of IoT, there has been significant developments going on in this field. It is becoming very convenient now, with the advancement in the cloud computing and IoT field, to control devices remotely. However there has been constant concern about the data security and how to make ‘Things’ in Internet of Things less vulnerable to misuse. Now this week, with the launch of the new fully-managed Google Cloud Platform service named Google Cloud IoT, the company has major step towards the safety concern.

What Google Cloud IoT Core is doing differently?

Well it makes connections between globally distributed devices to Google Cloud Platform secure. It helps you manage these devices centrally and also build applications using Cloud IoT Core together with Google’s data analytics services.

Cloud IoT Core is specially beneficial for transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other such industries. These industries use sensors, conveyor belts, etc. which can be managed and monitored more efficiently. Cloud IoT Core addresses some of the major problems in these industries such as:

  • High operation cost
  • Security for globally distributed devices
  • Difficulty in analysis of the massive amount of data generated by the devices

But Cloud IoT Core brings down the above mentioned and several other tasks to one single global system. Now data from the numerous devices located at geographically different places across the world, can be easily ingested into a responsible data pipeline. Thus Cloud IoT Core combined with the other Cloud IoT services makes real-time analysis, utilization and data security hasslefree.

Main Features of Google Cloud IoT Core Service

  • Easy Configuration
  • Security
  • Native Data Integration with analytic services
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Pay-as-you-go service

Cloud IoT Core service is currently in private beta phase and is being launched with several major software and hardware industry partners.

Here are some of the Cloud IoT Device Partners:

  • Actions Semiconductor
  • Allwinner Technology
  • ARM
  • Marvell
  • Microchip
  • Intel
  • Mongoose OS
  • NXP
  • Realtek
  • Sierra Wireless

Cloud IoT Application Partners

  • Helium
  • Losant
  • Mnubo
  • Tellmeplus

It is going to be an important service in the rapidly growing Internet of Things usage and will help increase efficiency, scalability and flexibility.