Google Launched Android Studio 2.0 With New And Improved Features

Android Studio 2.0

Google Launched Android Studio 2.0 With New And Improved Features. The IDE is for Android apps for the mobile OS.

For newbies, here is what Android Studio 2.0 is:

Android Studio is an Integrated development environment for android apps. It was launched in 2013. It is based on IntelliJ. It has

  • Code editor
  • Code analysis tools
  • Emulators
  • And everything else a developer needs writing apps.

Where can you get it

The new Google Android Studio 2.0 is available in the Canary release channel of Android Studio.

Android Studio 2.0 Features

  1. High deployment speeds, now a full build is 2x to 2.5x faster compared to the previous releases
  2. New feature called “Instant Run.” Instant Run helps in easy code changes after the first deployment. You can now deploy your apps and subsequently make changes and do a quick, in fact it would take some seconds, and see the changes you made reflect in your app which is already running. Instant Run will work for Ice Cream Sandwich and later.
  3. The new Google Android Studio 2.0  has new and faster emulators designed as per modern hardware. It is reported to run faster than any physical device.
  4. With the new studio, now it is easy to trigger typical actions.
  5. The new emulator will also be able to emulate GPS and different network conditions.
  6. Testing various screen resolutions for different devices has also been made easy. Now just resize the emulator window to the desired resolution and test your app.
  7. Access to the standard Google Play services.
  8. Improved app-indexing like automatica generation of  deep links for Google Search

For Games And Graphics-intensive Apps

GPU Profiler

GPU Profiler tool has been added to the Android Studio 2.0. The tool is in preview stage now.

Google Android Studio 2.0 is enhanced and faster IDE launched to make app development much easier and faster.