Google’s Shop the Look Launched Today

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Today, September 7th, Google launched Shop the Look, a feature which will make online shopping way more easier and interesting than ever. Google tied up with sites like Polyvore, Curalate and to make it possible for you to buy outfits straightaway from the Google search results. Through the partnered sites, fashion bloggers will get a chance to earn by their social media posts.

Here is what Melissa Hsieh Nikolic, senior product manager at Google Shopping, mentioned in a blog post.

“If you search for ‘cocktail attire,’ you could see an image of a popular fashion blogger wearing a black cocktail dress, heels and sunglasses,” “You can shop those exact (or visually similar) products featured in the image by tapping through and exploring the relevant products shown in the form of Shopping ads.”

For the shop-the-look retailers, cost-per-click basis charges will be made. Retailer need to optimise their Shopping campaigns for mobile to be eligible for shop-the-look ads. Business Journal mentions that the company hopes to make more ad revenues through this new shopping feature.

As per Google, a large number of smartphone users do not have a thought for particular brand while they begin shopping. They usually go for blogs to get an idea about the latest fashion trends, the Shop the Look will make shopping quicker.