Gravity Rush 2 Guide: Secret Trophies List

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Gravity Rush 2 is releasing on 20 Jan 2017 for PS4. The game is developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The sequel to Gravity Rush, the game’s core gameplay mechanics is to allow the player to manipulate gravity, allowing unique navigational movements. This secret trophies list guide provides all the secret trophies in the game.

Gravity Rush 2 Secret Trophies List


  • Fin
    Completed the Eto Chapter.

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  • Jirga Para Lhao Revolution
    Completed the Jirga Para Lhao Chapter.
  • Banga Sets Sail
    Completed the Banga Chapter.
  • Kat Rising
    Returned to Banga Settlement.
  • Hekseville Twilight
    Completed the Hekseville Chapter.

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