GTA V New MOD To Bring Liberty City Back

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Grand Theft Auto V is without a doubt, one of the best games RockStar ever made and RockStar has kept us updated by bringing new mod and exciting set of new features to the game over time. Liberty City is one of the famous names among the GTA fans and you will be surprised to know that a new GTA V mod will bring Liberty City back.

This GTA V mod is developed by OpenIV Team and according to them, they have been working on it since the day game was launched.

“Today we are proud to announce the project we worked on since initial GTA V release. Liberty City is finally coming into GTA V in all its glory”.

This GTA V mod will not replace the Los Santos with Liberty City but both cities will co-exist.

Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, but appears across the sea. Using the power of OpenIV and openFormats, we were able to bring Liberty City right into GTA V map.

Due to some legal concerns, the mod will not recreate the city but will transfer the city from the player’s owned copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Because Liberty City takes a lot of space and we do not have rights to distribute it as our work, we decided to make this mod as an automatic converter that converts Liberty City from your copy of GTA IV into your copy of GTA V.