Halo Wars 2 Guide: Combat And Unit Guide

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Halo Wars 2, a real-time strategy (RTS) game, released in February 2017. The game is developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios. Halo Wars 2 is the sequel to the 2009 game Halo Wars. This guide is about Halo Wars 2 Combat and Unit.

There is a lot to take in for newbie players in this game. Understanding the mechanics of combat and how different units work, their strengths and weaknesses, etc are paramount to achieving success in the game. This guide will serve as a basic combat mechanics and units guide.

Halo Wars 2 Combat And Unit Guide

So here are the combat basics you need to know. It is sort of a rock paper scissors relation where Infantry Units beat Air Units, Air Units beat Ground Vehicles and Ground Vehicles beat Infantry Units.

Counter units are ground vehicles used for taking down air units despite being weak to them. Consider mixing them up along with infantry units as counter units, if alone can be an easy prey for air units. You should have a well balanced squad of air, ground and infantry units.

There is also a color-coded system signifying the strength and weakness of units compared to other units and against buildings. Here they are.


An easy victory. Note that this doesn’t take into account the opposing unit’s special abilities so be on your toes even if a green indicator pops up.


Avoid engaging the opposing unit if you can. If you have to, give it your best shot.


Avoid engaging the opposing unit at any cost.


This means your unit cannot engage the enemy unit. This might be the case if your unit is a healer or booster.

Those are all the color codes.

Unit Veterancy

Unit veterancy increases for a specific unit if it kills enemy units without getting destroyed. Needless to say, destroying a more expensive unit gains more veterancy XP than a less expensive one. Here is a brief summary.

Key: Veterancy Level – Damage Infliction Acquired – Damage Resistance Acquired

  • Veterancy Level 1 – 15% – 13%
  • Veterancy Level 2 – 25% – 20%
  • Veterancy Level 3 – 35% – 26%

Special abilities of units are acquired through research. Each ability you use for a unit has a cooldown period after which only you can use another ability.

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