Halo Wars 2 Guide: How to Unlock All Skulls

How to Unlock All Skulls in Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2, developed by 343 Industries is a real-time strategy (RTS) game. The game was published in February 2017 by Microsoft Studios. Halo Wars 2 is set in the fictional universe of the Halo series in the year 2559. The game is the sequel to the 2009 game Halo Wars. This guide is about how to unlock all skulls. Skulls have come back to Halo Wars 2.

There are 15 Skulls and you can unlock them by playing the campaign. In some missions, you need to complete Optional Objectives to get the skulls. You can use them to set some modifiers during the matches.

How to Unlock All Skulls in Halo Wars 2

Grunt Birthday Party

  • In the mission, A New Enemy, capture all the Power Nodes in the level.
  • Effect: Killed Grunts explode into a shower of confetti.


  • In the mission, Ascension, destroy the main Banished base.
  • Effect: Marine grenades and Grunt mines, when explodes, splatter paint.

Pain Train

  • In the mission, Ascension, destroy the hidden Banished base on the island in this level.
  • Effect: All player units train 50% faster. Player’s final score decreases.

Bountiful Harvest

  • Make sure that all the rescued prisoners alive in One Three Zero.
  • Effect: Supplies from Supply Pads arrive 25% faster. Player’s final score decreases.

Total Annihilation

  • Complete the mission, From the Deep without the Spartan being downed.
  • Effect: Spartan Slams, when landing, creates an even more devastating explosion. Player’s final score decreases.


  • Make sure all the barricades are alive in Hold the Line.
  • Effect: All play units have 50% fewer health points. Final score will increase.


  • In the mission, Hold the Line, keep the Particle Cannon’s health above 50% throughout the mission.
  • Effect: Grunts and Marines will explode upon death. This will in turn inflict damage to nearby units. Player’s final score decreases.

Things That Make You Go Boom

  • Eliminate all three of the Brute Warlords in Under the Dark.
  • Effect: Hero units, when killed, unleash a nuclear explosion. Player’s final score decreases.


  • Destroy the Banished base’s northern expansion in The Cartographer.
  • Effect: All player Powers recharge twice as fast. Player’s final score decreases.


  • In the mission, Lights Out, Release all of the prisoners.
  • Effect: From the time of creations, all play units slowly lose health. Player’s final score increases.

Sugar Cookies

  • Maintain Scarab’s health from dropping below 25% during The Foundry.
  • Effect: All player units have 50% more health. Final score will decrease.


  • Make sure that the Control Room Shield in Last Stand takes less than 25% damage in the entire mission.
  • Effect: No checkpoints or saves on any difficulty. Only affects the campaign. Player’s final score increases.

After Party

  • Rescue Bravo Base in The Halo.
  • Effect: The player earns a tank and infantry unit anytime a Firebase owned by the player is destroyed. Player’s final score decreases.


  • You need to eliminate both of the Brute Warlords and their reinforcements in Last Stand.
  • Effect: All infantry units are cloaked at the start. Player’s final score decreases.

Wuv Woo

  • Make sure the Scarab survives the entire mission in The Foundry.
  • Effect: Scarab and Locust beam weapons shoot rainbows.