Here’s Why TellTale Games Will Not be Changing its Formula

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Telltale Games produce some of the most interesting gaming content available. Many gamers first got to know them with 2012’s excellent The Walking Dead, but they’ve been making episodic games for quite a lot longer, including Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

The latest series they released, Batman, got criticized a bit for being somewhat formulaic. As we get used to the Telltale formula, it becomes less magic. However, the developer explained to Gamespot in an Interview that they don’t feel they need to change anything.

“The idea is that, mechanically, we want our games to be easy to interact with. The difficulty doesn’t come with the mechanics of playing a Telltale game. It’s about the narrative difficulty. It’s about deciding which Batman you want to be. Do you want to be the noble Kevin Conroy animated series Batman, or are you going to be the Frank Miller Batman?”

Definitely, check out the full interview as there are some interesting tidbits about Telltale Games’ philosophy.